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You dive in amidst the currents, swimming strongly through the water. You cut through the wind, pedalling hard on two wheels. You crush the earth as you run, beat-after-beat for miles. You know it isn’t easy. Every race is a chance to see how you match up to others, but first to yourself. You prepare the event down to the last detail. You visualise the route to the end and believe it will be a great day. Even if you stand amongst many athletes, you know you are alone. When you start off, the tension disappears, your muscles kick in and adrenalin levels rise. Now your only resource is listening to your body: push, slow down, push, slow down, always at peak concentration. Even if fatigue starts to kick in and breathing becomes more difficult, you’re on a high because you’re giving it your best. Right through to the finish line.


  • florian1
    It’s only impossible if you think it is. Meet Florian Jouanny

    In 2011 Florian’s life was turned upside down by a skiing accident. Instead of letting it get him down, Florian found the strength to move on and challenge himself to......

  • 3_answers
    3 answers to the most common doubts amongst open-water swimmers

    Today we’ll try to answer a series of questions which often go through the minds of open-water athletes. QUESTION #1 One of the most common questions, especially during the summer......

  • sophie6
    Meet Sophie Bubb, Mum On The Run

    This is my first time writing as an arena sponsored athlete and I’m hugely excited to be part of the team and to be associated with such an iconic brand.......

  • Foto Fabio Ferrari - LaPresse
28/07/2015 Kazan ( Russia )
16 Campionati del mondo FINA 2015 - Open Water - 10km Donne.
nella foto: Durante la garaPhoto Fabio Ferrari - LaPresse
28 July 2015 Kazan ( Russian )
16th FINA World Championship 2015 - Open Water - 10km Women.
in the picture:During the race
    Overcome your fear of open-water swimming!

    Open-water swimming is not always easy for those used to swimming with their eyes fixed on the blue line along the bottom of the pool. So, even though the triathlon......

  • family_matter
    Triathlon is a matter of family

    If you’re thinking about starting to compete in triathlons, it’s important for you to understand that the fatigue of your workouts won’t be your only issue. Triathlon is an intense......

  • freestyle_rolling_OW
    Power is useless without rolling

    We have already looked at the importance of the right position in the water for proper forward propulsion (Alternate breathing and perfectly balanced freestyle swimming). Coordinating your arms and legs......

  • cramps
    3 strategies to prevent getting cramps

    Cramps have the capability of making it temporarily impossible of using the effected muscle.  They can either be light contractions, like a sting or light spasm, or more painful episodes......

  • mood shot_CMYK.jpg
featured product: 1A632-050
    Swimming in Cold Water: Wise or Foolish?

    Cold water swimming can be dangerous if you’re not acclimatised, but if you train, your body will adapt and you may be able to enjoy health benefits. A New Year’s......